January 17, 2012

When was the last time you realized that you're so blessed?

The title implied a sentimental mood because it happened to me yesterday afternoon. It was hubby's day off so the three of us went out for lunch and dropped by at Chucke e Cheese's for my son's playtime and on our way back home, I saw a guy on Liberty Tax mascot freezing at the side of a busy highway and I remember another one last week having her umbrella on because it was raining. Also, a guy from Little Caesars Pizza who kept on waving that $5/box pizza signboard. Whenever I see people like them who needed to endure all kinds of weather and be required to stand there for long hours, waving/dancing, the more I appreciate my life, I'm so blessed. Hats off to these people who endure the freezing, soaking and scorching to earn a decent living. I even told hubby who sometimes says that life sucks whenever he's stressed with his job, that he should stop saying it because he's fortunate to have a job and a better one than they have. I don't know these people touched a spot in my heart upon seeing them, I love life! I thank GOD for giving my life and the kind of life that I have now.  

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