December 25, 2012

Why Health Insurance becomes so expensive?

For me, it's the economic crisis, the more unemployed, the chances of less premiums collected, more illnesses caused by disrupted medications and suffering depression. When I attended my class on Insurance Procedures for Medical Office, I learned that there are lots of culprits on this and some of them are due to the fact that Insurance companies are also business which the main goal is to make money and not to make people healthy. They earn more for higher premiums collected and less health insurance expenses, how many times you've heard that someone's medication or doctor's bill was rejected? This happens because the less approved claims means less expense and more chance of a profit.The second one is the prescriber's opportunity to earn more, the more patients visit, lab tests, facilities use means more income. It doesn't aim for people's wellness and being healthy, instead more services the better which leads to higher health care for everyone. The other part is the malpractice issue, prescribers don't want to be sued for doing less, it encourages to perform more tests to play safe. It caused to order for further testings and prescription of some more drugs even they know that it won't do anything. To play safe and avoid being sued in the expense of patients which triggered more expensive health care. Another culprit is the failure to acknowledge that there are other effective treatments aside from surgeries but still they insist on the latter because they will earn more that leads to higher health cost.  Obesity is also one of the reasons because it links to all kinds of illness which I wonder why not the government fund a program that will cure obesity as what the auto mechanics do, they look on the cause of the problem of the car and not just work on the symptoms. I know there are more reasons on why health insurance are expensive aside from what I mentioned. We should start make ourselves aware of how much the treatments, medications cost and not just rely on the thought of, it will be covered by your insurance and there's nothing to worry.  If we know how much is the doctor's fee or the bill charged for a simple sore throat that usually common in cold season, we will think twice on coming to the doctor because some are required to give co-pay. I know it's hard to stay healthy and fit but it's a way to stop the increase of health care insurance and each states should be open to all major insurances so that competition will be strong, the more the better choices and lower cost. Furthermore, college tution cost should be affordable and reasonable so that we will have more doctors and health professionals that will provide competitive services. Maybe I should run for public office, lol! It's easy to say all of these but it's difficult to impose because health insurance companies will remain as business who's primary goal is profit and never the wellness of people thus, business interest will do everything specifically funding people's candidacy for personal favor.

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