January 10, 2012

Yummy European Cookies with Chocolate for $1

I thought I will regret buying this European cookies with chocolate for 75% off. It tastes so yummy, I love the wafer most because the filling has a coconut/chocolate taste. It's true I got this for a buck in Walmart, on the christmas clearance area. I anticipated that somehow it will taste greasy/buttery and artificially flavored but I was soo wrong. I didn't even share them with hubby and of course not to my son because sweets are not good for him. It says on the box the description of each, from top left-right: delicious buttercup, biscuit roll (tastes like icecream cone), shortbread cookie topped with milk chocolate (yummy), wafer with cocoa filling (the best), milk chocolate striped cookie with nuts, cookie dipped in dark chocolate and last, dark and white chocolate covered cookie (love it). I know there are lots of yummier than these but my point is I got more than I expected for the price of a dollar. It's like saying don't judge the book by its cover. It doesn't always follow that expensive ones are better than the cheap ones. So, guys don't hesitate to try things as long as they're not expired especially if they just cost a dollar. :D

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