February 25, 2012

Birtday gift for an aspiring rock star

Next month will be my nephew's birthday and he'll be turning 15 years old. Hubby is his Godfather that's why this young man is so close to us. He's so active on different sports but baseball and golf are his top favorites. We gave him most stuff of baseball and golf but he's also into music. He wants to be a rock star playing the guitar so we thought of giving him a new guitar. We asked his mom regarding with his new passion and she told us that our nephew is saving his allowance for an epiphone les paul. That gave us idea on what to give him on his coming birthday and we're so happy knowing that he will surely love and appreciate it. I can't wait to buy our gift and see his reaction when he received it. It will make us feel great knowing that we somehow made his birthday a memorable one for having his dream guitar.

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