February 25, 2012

Cereals in the house

Since hubby and I started our diet, we made it a habit to have cereal as our breakfast and every time we feel hungry after regular meals. We used to have bagels, pancakes, donuts, biscuits and Mcdonald's breakfast meals for breakfast until we shifted to cereals. We always have raisin bran and cherrios but it will take so long for us to finish a box of each because we seldom eat cereal. Now, it's a craze in our house. For me, all the cinnamon flavored ones and I mix them with regular cherrios. For hubby, it's the regular cherrios, raisin bran and honey nut. For our son, combination of all and his latest favorite, Krave. Can you believe that these cereals on the photo will just last for a week compared before that they stay there untouch for a month. For now, this is the 'in thing' in our meals but eventually it will shift into a healthier ones like fruits and veggies.

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