February 18, 2012

Classic Board Games vs. Electronic/Video games

I grew up in the days that classic board games were a hit and the famous way to get entertained and spend free time. Nowadays due to advancement of technology most of the younger generations are leaned on electronic/video games. I think that classic board games are more sociable because you personally see, hear and touch your playmates. In video/electronic games, though you can have playmates virtually and can communicate with them, the absence of personal interaction makes it less fun. Between the classic board games vs. video/electronic games, is all depend on ones' choice and the situation they were at. If you are by yourself and wants to play with others who can't be physically present, video games is the choice but if you have company around, classic board game will fit that allows everyone to interact. Whether classic board games or video/electronic games, as long as people who are playing are having fun, that's all what matters. It's a change of time, technology gets better and new ones come out. Let's embrace the change but if circumstance allows, we can always go back to classic board games.

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