February 04, 2012

Eli Manning or Tom Brady : Who deserves to win SuperBowl XLVI?

There are lots of statistics that will compare this two QBs who are going to lead their team to win the SuperBowl XLVI. If we're going to base on the teams popularity and by the number of their supporters, in thirty minutes, one team could win but this is the football game where unexpected things happen even you played better. So, I thought on looking at the personality of the two QBs who deserves to win and I will reiterate that this is not related on how they play the game. I collected some photos of Eli Manning and Tom Brady with their respective wives. By looking at the picture, Eli and his wife are example of simple, sweet loving couple binded by their true feelings to each other. On the other hand, Tom and his wife who's equally famous as he is, are picture of actor/actress infront of the camera. No doubt about it, Tom Brady is one of the greatest QB but Eli Manning seems to have a pure and genuine heart. It's pride and given talent vs. hardwork and good heart. Don't get me wrong in here, I don't know them personally but based on seeing them on tv, prints and other medium, I feel that Eli Manning deserves to win because he's playing football with hardwork, passion/dedication and good intention. For Tom Brady, I feel that what drives him more is pride and honor before anything else. Therefore, Eli Manning and the NY Giants deserve to win. Of course, actual play will decide for it, have a fun filled and exciting SuperBowl Sunday!

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