February 22, 2012

Is it a better time to buy a house?

We have a plan to relocate to another state and have second thoughts on buying a house. Home prices are going down and it's so tempting to dip in but what if we change our mind and want to move to another state because of job opportunities or be closer to relatives/friends, that would be a huge hassle. Selling the house in a good or bad economy would take time and worst, forever. In terms of mortgage loan, I have lots of questions and I'm browsing the internet to find tips and information especially for first time home buyer. I thought of seeking professional help from the experts in housing as well as from the lenders. What's the deal with self employed applying for a mortgage loan and for the veterans because my uncle is planning to refinance their mortgage loan. I need more information about all of these and my friend recommended advantagehomerates.com that will help us to answer our questions. After getting all the information we need, we'll weigh the pros and cons of buying a house or renting based on our situation.

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