February 01, 2012

Knee Pain

It's been a week that my knees are killing me due to pain, I even made a joke about it on my facebook account that it's a sign of aging. Usually the pain starts later in the afternoon after I've been sitting for longer time and I feel most of the pain whenever I',m climbing the stairs. It's hard to bend and put force on it when I step my foot up, it's the right knee most of the time. I hope this will be over soon and not a symptom of any underlying condition/illness. With this, I appreciate more lots of small things in my life, waking up in the morning without headache or having enough sleep or stress, is such a blessing. I thank GOD everytime that I wake up feeling good physically and emotionally. Hubby kept on saying that this is due to my extra pounds that I MUST shed the soonest because there are other things that might come out such as hypertension and diabetes. We need to be healthy to live longer for our son.

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