February 07, 2012

Learning Italian language

I feel good today because I received a call from my friend in college who shared a wonderful love story. She will be relocating to Italy because she finally found the love of her life and she has lots of what-ifs and scary thoughts of being away from her family. She asked me how I was able to cope up and I told her that learn to embrace their culture by learning their language. It's not hard on my case because English is like the second language of Filipinos aside from their local dialects. It's the way of life which is very different was been my challenge and will be for her. She told me that she might enroll on short course for Italian translation which she's still on the process of searching/scouting. She asked for my assistance because she knows that I have time to surf the net, by being a stay at home mom. Anyway, I found a site of Italian translators which I emailed her the link for her assesment, if it will work on her. I believe that nothing is hard to learn once you put your heart on it and dedication. Learning Italian language is her first step to feel that she belongs and not isolated. In a way, this will prevent her from feeling sad because she misses home, the Philippines and eventually feel comfortable.

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