February 26, 2012

Looking for a heavy duty shredder

We visited my sister in law on their new business office located in a more busy neighborhood. We offered to help them moving their stuff and we talked about her plan of buying new office furniture to replace the old/not so presentable ones. She mentioned also her need of a heavy duty shredder and asked me if where's the best deal because she knows that I have lots of time than her browsing the net. What a co-incidence, the other day somebody sent me an email with a shoplet coupons. I told her that I will print the coupon and will give her the site with best deals for office furnitures/supplies and related stuff. She needed to shred some old files that are no longer in use so that the new office will no longer carry them. A heavy duty shredder is really a must for them. I hope she'll be able to use the coupons and find the site satisfying.

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