February 03, 2012

Missing my me-time

I used to have my me-time whenever my son is in school but since I started my externship training it took my me-time. When I got home from my training, the same time my son got off from school. With him around, I can't find time to blog or study for my class because he's always bugging me whenever I'm in the computer or I'm reading or writing. Whenever he's playing, I can't concentrate on reading and I can't be far from him because he plays everything he sees aside from his toys. I need to watch out for things he's grabbing and whenever he's on his trampoline to avoid accident. In the afternoon, he seldom takes his nap so by 6pm, he's already crabby due to tiresome and sleepiness. I don't want to put him on bed as early as 7pm because he'll wake up by 4 or 5am which is too early. I can't persuade him to go back to bed once he's up, that's it.  At night, after I put him to bed, I clean up his mess, do chores and these eat some of my possible me-time. Then hubby comes home, uses the computer which moved my blogging time after he's done. By the time that I'm going to study for my class, I feel tired already and ready for bed. I need to make lots of reading at the same time start my review for my possible taking the board exam this March.

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