February 28, 2012

Multi-tasking in the kitchen

In my previous jobs in the Philippines, I've learned a lot in multi-tasking. Since I don't want to procrastinate any task whether it's job related or not, it's the multi-tasking that helped me a lot. For me, it's  more accomplishments and I feel productive but I read that multi-tasking is not good as what most people thought. Study shows that moving/switching your mind from one to another decreases efficiency and can cause poor memory. The study showed that the result of multi-tasking translates into chemical changes in the brain, it kinda slow it down too. It says that stress hormone cortisol gets high and it causes aggressiveness/impulsiveness which put people into the risk of having heart problems. How many of you watch tv at the same time talking on the phone, writing and eating? In the long run, this multi-tasking thing has a psychological/intellectual effect especially on children. I thought this study is true because the other day, I did multi-tasking in the kitchen. I was baking at the same time cooking two dishes, then washing the pans and feeding my son. How I did that? I put my son on the dining table with his lunch, then I prepared the fish to bake and set on the oven. Then I prepared ingredients for my two veggies dish. I started to cook shrimp with cauliflower (stir fry), then on the second pan, I started to sautee the ingredients for my adobong green beans (stir fry). While waiting for them to be cooked, I was attending to my son's needs (water, tissue, etc.) then washing the pans. I felt good when I saw the outcome, three dishes including the fish and I was done at exactly lunch time. But, there's the drawback, I was so tired and the dishes didn't taste that very good. I forgot to put some flavor on the first dish and forgot an ingredient to the second one. Then, my son created a lot of mess because I was not with him the whole time he's eating his lunch that's why he had a chance to play and mess up. People can argue about the bad effect of multi-tasking because for some it helps them a lot when they multi-task. It's for you to judge, but when I analyzed the recent output of my multi-tasking vs. to what the study showed, I can only agree.

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