February 26, 2012

My First Sunday of Lent Reflection

I never been so closer to GOD when I moved here in USA. He became my closest friend and always there for me when I needed someone to listen to what my heart and mind are saying. I have my husband, inlaws and friends with me but circumstances hinder for  them to be available 24/7. I turned to GOD most of the time, talking to him unloads me with things that bother me even I know I shouldn't worry. Whenever we attended Sunday mass, there's no instance that I didn't cry whenever we sing the day's responsorial psalm because the words are exactly what I always feel and want to say to GOD. Psalm 91 : Be with Me; Be with me Lord, when I am in trouble, be with me, Lord I pray.
...those who cling to the Lord live secure in God's love, lifted high, those who trust in God's name, call on the Lord, who will never forsake you. God will bring you salvation and joy.
I can't count how many instances that GOD has been there for me, gave me answered prayers, wipe out my tears and gave lots of reason for me to be happy. I may sound so dramatic and seemed to have a devastating experience, but thank GOD I haven't. Everyday should always be christmas, thanksgiving, valentines, mother's/father's day, birthday, but we should reflect on the pains and sufferings of Jesus in order to save us. It's common belief that Lent signifies fasting and abstinence from things that give us pleasure whether it's food or other stuff that's very important to us. I think God doesn't want to take away things that give us good/healthy pleasure. But, we can't give 100% of our love and deep relationship with him especially in lenten season where we remember his pain and suffering and rose from the death if our hearts and mind are divided to other things that are important to us. I read that lent season should be learning to give and do MORE. We should do MORE praying, thanking, bonding, loving, forgetting and forgiving. Everyday of my life, there's no instance that GOD is not with me. When I wake up in the morning, GOD made it to happen that I have another day to spend. When I drive and I got home safe, GOD is with me and made it happen. I hope anyone of you who happened to read this reflection would realize that we are soo blessed and we just need to appreciate small things because money is not everything as the photo says it all.

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