February 10, 2012

My son loves ketchup

I grew up with having ketchup and fish sauce as the main condiments in our home. Everything fried are usually dip in ketchup and those meals with sauce are dashed with fish sauce. I googled the origin of ketchup and it started from China's "kê-chiap" which means brine of fickled fish then to Malaysia's "kĕchap" and was discovered by English explorers which the name evolved into "ketchup". Ketchup is usually made up of ripe tomatoes, vinegar, salt, sugar and other spices/added ingredients. It's a source of lycopene which is an anti-oxidant that prevent some types of cancer. The sweet taste and thick texture could be the attracting factors why kids love ketchup specifically my son. Whenever we go to a restaurant and while waiting for our orders to come, with all the gadgets on his side to distract him, he would still grab the ketchup sitting still on top of the table. He would asked us to open it for him and pour some into the plate and he'll dip the fork and eat it. That's why we always hide the bottle of ketchup as soon as we sit on the table until our orders come.

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