February 08, 2012

Sagging Pants for him and for her

The other day when I was waiting for the school bus of my friend's son, I noticed some of the boys' sagging pants and I can't think of any reason why their parents are allowing them to wear their pants that way. As they were saying, sagging pants is a fashion trend, cool and hip. You sag to fit with the crowd of mostly young people. I will never allow my son to wear his pants that way, I don't care about fashion trend or it's the "in" thing, as long as I'm alive, my son wouldn't follow it. I read from my facebook news feed that sagging pants originated in prison but it's more of a made-up reason, according to it, sagging their pants mean that they want sex. I googled the origin of sagging pants and found out that it might have started in prison because most of the uniforms given to prisoners were not their actual sizes, most were loose. It usually fall down from their waist and they can't wear belt because it's prohibited, can be a deadly weapon. Thus, most of the prisoners have sagging pants. I remember I asked a teenager who has a friend who always sag his pants on what's the reason for him doing it, and I was told that they're comfortable wearing their pants below their waist than on their waistline. The comfort and the "in" thing as what they say it. The influence of media/advertisements and celebrities are also the factor why this trend is growing. There are lots of hip-hop celebrities such as Justin Bieber (on the photo) and others, as well as with the girls who wear this sagging pants and considered a fashion trend. They are being copied and imitated by their followers, mostly young ones. Consider me without a taste in fashion or have a bad taste, I will never appreciate and accept the sagging pants as part of fashion. Here's a photo of Justin Bieber and a girl who are into sagging pants fashion.

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