March 02, 2013

Stir Fry Ampalaya (bitter melon) with egg

I was so happy to see ampalaya (bitter melon) in the Pinoy store which literally caused me to clap my hands due to excitement because it's my favorite veggie. I bought three big ampalayas, cooked the two and gave one to my neighbor. Lots of people find me weird including my mom when it comes to having ampalaya and okra as my topmost favorite veggies. Some can't bear the bitterness of ampalaya and the slimy okra but for me they're the yummiest veggies. Let me share how I stir fried the ampalaya, the secret to remove the bitter taste, is to soak it with salt then smash it until you take out the juice, I don't add water because it will completely rinse it and some nutrients will be removed. I grew up having the bitter taste of ampalaya, it's a matter of being used with it. Then, the usual stir fry ingredients; garlic, onion and tomatoes then I added some leftover of our broiled chicken. Next, is the ampalaya and after few minutes I added the scrambled egg. Viola! Stir Fry Ampalaya with egg. Yummy!

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