March 15, 2012

Best place for rehab

I read a bad news this morning from my facebook that one of the siblings of my parents' Godchild was sent to jail because of domestic issues, so I told my parents about it and they asked me to give their Godchild a call since they live in Los Angeles. The parents are as old as mine's so it's so hard on their part to be on this kind of situation. I spoke to them and the mother said that she's never been hurt and humilated like this. They kept on asking themselves where they got wrong in raising the guy because the other children are excelling in their school and there are no problems with them. Well, the culprit is drugs. It ruined his life, he left home and moved to his girlfriend, fights everyday up to the time that the girlfriend filed complaint. The good news is the girlfriend is thinking of retracting her complain and willing to cooperate with the plan of sending her boyfriend to los angeles rehab. There's still hope and chance for this guy to change his life and he needs everybody's support and prayer. The eldest brother of the guy is kinda well-off so he's the one who's pushing this plan to succeed. It's a nightmare for every parents to see their kids hooked in drugs and other vices because it always ruins one's life. With this, I thought of my son, his future and I told myself I will do everything for him not to be persuaded or be with people that don't fear GOD. I will make sure that he'll always make GOD as the center of his life. It's a hardwork, I know but in prayer and faith to GOD, nothing is impossible.

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