March 03, 2012

Books to read for 2 weeks

I borrowed books from the library which are good for two weeks. Hubby bets that I wouldn't be able to finish reading them which is true because I'm just looking for additional information for my current course, Insurance Billing Procedures. Aside from that, I also borrowed reviewers for Pharmacy technician as well as for Pharmacist board exam. Then, I can't help not to grab some books displayed on the aisle that interests me. These books are the ones that I read whenever I'm in the car and hubby is the driver. Sometimes you don't need to read from cover to end excluding novels which I seldom borrow. I love to borrow references, how-to and self-help type of books. How will I able to read them all? Self-help/how-to types of books are usually read whenever I'm travelling or waiting somewhere. The review books are read while my son is in school, where there's peace inside the house. The all about insurance books are before bed time in preparation for my class every week. But, when I find the book boring and very similar to what I have read before, I put it aside without finishing reading. These are the photos of the books that I'm currently and will be reading.

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