March 09, 2012

Busy-ness is not an excuse to deal with appearance

The title of the post is commonly read and heard from fashion advises. Another one is the change of stages in woman's life. In my case, after I gave birth my body structure changed and since then I was not able to go back to my post pregnancy weight. I must admit that I became so conscious of my appearance that's why I kinda shield myself with excuses of not doing anything about it. Black and dark colors became a uniform in my closet because I thought they help to cover part of my body that shouldn't be emphasized. I was been a slave of loose shirt or blouse and jeans for sometime. But, when I had the time to read lots of self-help books I've come to realized that I wasted time and looking back, my self steem was really low. I need to do something about it. As what I've read, we don't need cosmetic surgery or struggle with losing weight to take care of our appearance, we can still look good and we must always say that to ourselves that we're unique and for some people including ourselves, we are beautiful. We can change our appearance starting today by learning how to show off our standouts and disguise the one we don't feel comfortable with or we don't like. So, I thought I'll start changing myself in terms of what I'll wear, will take risk and will stay first on the safer colors until I find myself comfortable with wearing dress again. I find this dress lovely, it creates shape and the prints will somehow not emphasize bulges, lol!

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