March 22, 2012

Car needs repair

It's so unfortunate for my friend to have a car accident, he's fine but his car incurred damages. It's his fault and the sad part is, he lost his job and he dropped his car insurance and just acquire the cheapest one which wouldn't shoulder the repair expenses for his car and the other party's vehicle. He's asking money from his mom but he was rejected because her mom is into huge debt and if she has money, it's for her medication. He turned to hubby but inasmuch as we want to help him, we're in tight budget nowadays. He wish he could have a welding equipment and he'll be the one to repair his so that it would be the other party's car that he needs to shoulder. I told him that if it's possible to fold and squeeze his car into a box, I can send it to my uncle in the Philippines who's a senior mechanic and all it would be all free for him. But, it's impossible. We're just making jokes about it to unload him of the stress. He could talk to the offended party and tell him upfront his situation, who knows he might agree with shouldering the expenses and promise to repay him in installment basis. There's no harm in trying.

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