March 04, 2012

Craving for strawberry smoothie

Yesterday was hubby's dayoff that's why as early as 9 am we're all out of the house. We went shopping, brought our son to his favorite place to play, had hubby's haircut then have our lunch in our favorite restaurant in Indiana. We ordered chicken strips with fries and strawberry smoothie for our son, hubby had rib steak and I had chicken parmigiana. We decided that we'll indulge for a day after our previous days of fasting. Hubby had his favorite iced tea and for me, I had coffee. My son had difficulty drinking the smoothie because it's too cold so mommy came to the rescue. It was soo good and yummy that's why I'm craving for it now. Strawberry with whipped cream or dipped in melted chocolate, oh they're so yummy. I posted in my facebook wall that I was craving for strawberry smoothie and lots of my friends liked it and even asked me if I'm pregnant, lol! Then one friend sent me a link to Sharis Facebook, the fan page of I liked the page, so from now on, I will be receiving updates from them. Love those yummy photos of strawberries covered by chocolates. They are an ideal gift for all occasions. Happy Strawberry Sunday!

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