March 23, 2012

Diet Pills: do they really work?

Losing weight is a very hard task to do, it's a struggle but it's really a MUST. Some people shift to the easiest and quickest way which is taking diet pills. There are lots of diet pills in the market that are so tempting to try and with their advertisement/marketing campaign, it's very hard to resist. But my question is are they safe and do they really work? I have this hesitation of taking diet pills because I thought that the side effects might work more than the effectivenes of the pill. I read that those diet pills that we see in the supermarket, drugstore or fitness store are not proven effective. My friend is taking apidextra for three months now, she lost weight but we're not sure if its attributed to the diet pill because she also into rigorous fitness program. As far as I can remember in my class in Pharmacy Technician, supplements are not the same with prescription drugs in terms of the procedures/standard that FDA conducts. Well, it's risky but if someone has tried it and it worked on that person that you know, you could try it too but for me it should be the very last resort. We should not take the easy way to lose weight, remember no pain, no gain.

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