March 12, 2012

Final Exam on Insurance Procedures

I had my final examination tonight on Insurance Procedures class and fortunately I passed with score of 47/50. When I was doing my externship as Pharmacy Tech in a leading pharmacy store, I always hear people having questions/problems with regards to their insurance. Whether it's a managed care plan, medicare, medicaid and tricare/champva thus, I got interested on taking another class to broaden my knowledge and will be useful in my line of work as Pharmacy Tech. I've learned a lot from the class because of the inputs of everyone. You can borrow all types of insurance books or you can buy one but those updates and day-to-day actual experiences are the highlights of attending a class. You can easily understand and relate on a given situation because examples are for real. Speaking of insurance,  pharmacy technicians are healthcare professionals who assists pharmacists in providing the best possible care to patients and they can be and have been held liable in civil lawsuits related to medication errors. With this, I thought of searching for companies that offer professional liability insurance. I remember my Ob-gyne friend, she got herself an insurance policy and she told me that it's worth it and it's a must. I will look into this stuff and will read more about malpractice insurance.

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