March 01, 2012

GPS device is no longer practical

Global Positioning System (GPS) is electronic device based on satellite system that provides navigation system. This was created for military applications purposes but made available for others in the 1980s. When you buy a car, this device is available as additional feature which of course signifies additional cost. How many percent of people here in USA use GPS? Who are they? People whose line of work requires lot of driving / travelling to different places. People who needs to be always on-time to find quick alternative routes. For travelers renting a car in a foreign locations. In short, they are useful if your line of work requires it but for others it's for TOO much convenience. In this age of technology where smartphones have GPS applications and you can access Google and Yahoo maps, it's no longer practical to have one. Come to think of it, everyday you drive from and to work, you drop & pick up your kids from school, you go to grocery store, attend Sunday mass / services in your church, if ever you have GPS device installed in your car, it's gonna be idle because your everyday routes are familiar to you. Just weigh the frequency that you use it with not using at all, it's too much convenience. I read that our brains need some oil change and exercise. It's letting part of our brain works, the visualization and registration. Isn't it nice to remember landmarks and street signs without the help of GPS? Isn't it better to calculate / estimate mileage going to your destination than giving you the exact location? This is similar to too much relying on calculator even it's just a basic computation. Isn't it exciting to get lost and then find your way out because you think hard, analyze your routes and estimated the mileage? Sometimes, too much convenience promotes laziness and complacency, which bring the brain to idle mode. I'm not against with what technology gives us but sometimes disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

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