Guava Wafer

March 15, 2012

It's my grocery shopping day and I was looking for a chocolate wafer because my son likes it very much though I know it's not good for him because of too much sugar. But, it helps as a distraction for him when the need arise. I can't find the brand that I was looking for so I settled with another until I discovered an odd flavor for wafer creme. Out of curiousity, I grabbed one of this guava wafer just to find out how weird the taste it. For sure it will just taste sugar/sweet but I gave the product a chance because if the taste sucks, it goes to the garbage, wasting a $1.10/pack. Anyway, as expected it tastes sugar so sweet and the creme has that slight flavor of guava. Guava is a common fruit in my country but it's usually mix/ingredient in a Filipino recipe called 'sinigang'. You can also eat them raw which is good because it's rich in Vitamin C. Have you tried to buy something that you're just curious about?

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