March 20, 2012

Hot weather causes bad mood

It's so hot out there but I'm not complaining because this year mother nature blessed our state with awesome weather. We didn't have much of snow and thank GOD our city was not hit by tornado which unfortunately some people downstate were. Do you notice that weather affects one's mood? During winter or rainy season, we feel blue and now that it's spring/summer, we're easily get pissed due to hot weather. That's exactly what happened to the nearby grocery store that I was this morning. I just needed to buy a gallon of bleach and when I was standing in line to pay, the customer infront was so pissed off because it takes so long to ring out his stuff and the culprit was a defective barcode scanner. The cashier needed to type in the barcode for each item and the aircondition of the store was not turned high so it was kinda hot inside that we're all in a hurry to walk away. It's a small convenience store and maybe the owner of the store wants to save electricity. It's poor customer service, not providing extra scanner in case of a failure and not turning on high the A/C for the convenience of his customer.

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