March 10, 2012

How to avail of auto title loan?

'I don't have any idea', that's my response to my friend's inquiry. My friend lives in Pennsylvania, works as a nurse and still single. She lives with her aunt's house and is not obliged to pay for anything but she initiates to give her share for basic necessities bills. Last week, her aunt was hospitalized and diagnosed with cancer. The doctor told them that chances of feeling better is unfortunately dim. They were advised to let the other relatives know of her condition so that they could pay her a visit. My friend wants to bring her parents to USA especially her mom who's the sister of her aunt. The problem is, she used her credit card last month for her vacation and couldn't use to purchase an airfare tickets for her parents. She thought of having auto title loan for her Honda CRV which was fully paid already. I advised her to check online title loans Pennsylvania and read on their Frequently Asked Questions to shed lights on her plan. She needs to weigh the pros and cons of resorting into this medium to have the money for her parents airfare tickets. It's a very sad situation, she loves her aunt very much and she's caught with no-fund dilemna.

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