March 20, 2012

Leftover food is always for Mommy

When I was younger, I thought my mom loves to eat leftovers. I always expect her to finish my meal without thinking if she likes/needs to eat them. I grew up with the notion that moms will always help their children to finish eating their meal. She loves to eat what I don't want to eat. It's like mommy for all season, super hero, she's there ready to lend any kind of help. Now that I'm a mom, I understand that motherhood will make something in you. I have lots of patience which I don't know where it came from, I hope I have lots of them before I became a mom. I'm a very choosy person when it comes to food, I want it always warm, fresh and newly prepared but now, I eat leftovers. A meal with ketchup mixed with milk or cereal with juice and sometimes food that my son doesn't want anymore. Motherhood is a magic, it makes a better you because you don't know that you're capable of doing things and there are things existed you never thought. Here's an example of leftovers, my son loves to eat wheat bread with nutela or peanut butter or chicken salad but he doesn't want the end part of the bread loaf. So, it's me who's going to eat them unless I won't let guilt to bother me by tossing them to garbage, knowing that there are millions of people starving. I used to hate the end parts. When I cook a certain meal, my son and hubby would eat them initially and the rest will be left for me. Then the next meal, the same thing happens so our ref would end up storing all of the left-overs. Sometimes I regret preparing a meal, oh wait, you may think that my cooking sucks and might be the reason why my two boys are not interested to eat more. Partly yes but the truth is, my two boys want new meal everyday. At present, I have stir fry tuna with green peas and eggs, pansit, shrimp teriyaki and turkey sausage sitting in the refrigerator and it's me who's pressured to eat them. So, what will happen with my losing weight goal, it's a struggle. Sometimes I'm thinking of taking diet pills but scared of its side effects. A friend suggested to me to try myoswell and attesting that it worked on her. I don't know, I might get bigger and heavier if I don't control what I'm eating especially that leftovers are charged to me, lol!

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