March 01, 2012

Looking for a new computer table

My son loves to play in our computer table. He's either on top of it playing his cars which usually suprised and caused me to yell at him or if I'm around he's a good boy sitting on the computer chair and just watching nursery rhyme videos. There's a lot of place where he can play but he will kept on going back to the computer table that's why it has lots of scratch all over and the front edge portion (see photo) was peeled off due to his pounding/scratching and peeling itself. It's so untidy to look at that's why we're looking for a replacement and thinking to see some roll top desks. We like the best quality and reasonable price. We thought of roll top desk because we're secure that our son wouldn't climb and play on top of it and the computer will be safe from him. Probably we'll place it in the master bedroom instead where it's at, our living room.

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