March 06, 2012

Needs new air filter

I did a general cleaning in the basement and moved hubby's stuff in one area which I hate looking at because they're all over. I told hubby that he should check out his stuff and try to organize them when he's off otherwise I'm going to toss them to garbage, lol! I was just kidding, I didn't say that because I made it a habit that he's in-charge with his stuff especially the tossing to garbage. I don't want him to keep on asking where his stuff are or if I threw them. As messy as they are, I just moved all of them all together in one area. Then, when he started checking them out he found that he ran out of stock and needs a new Fram extra guard air filter. He does our cars' oil change with the help of a gadget he bought online and he's also the one who change his car's air filter. I told him that if I didn't asked him to check and organize his stuff he wouldn't know what he's missing in his stocks.

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