March 24, 2012

Norton 360 by Symantec

When I was browsing Sunday's retail ads, I found that OfficeMax and Bestbuy have the same discounted selling price of Norton 360 by Symantec which is $49.99, $40 less from its original price. When I checked it from the distributor Symantec, it's $63.99 with only 30% discount. I don't get it, why it's more expensive? It's misleading and deceiving. What if I'm someone who always buy stuff from its distributor, it's unfair to pay for the price. I wanted to write on this because when I found out the price of the Norton 360 as cheaper as $49.99, I kinda regret buying the Norton Antivirus 2012 which cost around the same when I bought it. I like the Norton 360 because of its many features but I can't afford to spend around $90.00 then, that's why I settled with Norton Antivirus 2012. I was caught between the urgency to buy and wait for it's yearly discount because of my Norton 360's date of expiration. So, next time 2-3 months prior to expiration, I'm going to start checking their prices and avail the discount. Here's the proof that Norton-Symantec's price of Norton 360 is higher than the other retail stores such as Bestbuy.

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