March 20, 2012

ODD Hobby

I met the teenager grandson of my neighbor in the St. Patrick's Day parade and I was shocked with what is written on his shirt, it's super foul for me coming from a conservative culture. He saw my reaction and asked me if I liked it. He said that he has lots of funny tshirts, I just smiled and didn't say anything. Her mom defended him by saying that it's a hobby, collecting funny designs of shirts. She even shared details how vulgar and profane the rest of the designs. She said that most of his son's friends send him funny shirts for collection. I can't imagine my son wearing a shirt like that even when he's a grown up. I don't know, I will try my best for him not to be interested with that stuff or that kind of hobby. It's not funny cursing, mocking and displaying inappropriate things because it will always offend someone. I'm not saying it's a bad hobby, it's just odd and will never be into my liking. Peace!

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