March 30, 2012

Off the grid

Guest post written by Joseph Finch
I watched a show recently that was about a family of two adults and two smaller children were building a house to live in that was off the grid. Off the grid basically means that they will be using no outside resources to power or run their home on an every day basis. They will not have phone or internet and their electricity will come from a locally generated source that they will not have to pay for. At first this concepts seem refreshing and welcome but then I started thinking about all of the creature comforts I have now that I would have to give up to live off of the grid. The first thing that I would miss is being super warm inside my cozy apartment in the winter time. I can imagine that when you are providing your own heat you probably have less of it and are probably cold a lot. The other thing I would miss is t1 internet. I don’t think I could go without the internet. It is my ultimate time waster and living off of the grid there would be a lot of time to waste!

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