March 09, 2012

The older I get, the harder it is to lose weight

Oh my! we're already in March, a quarter of a year will be done and here I am still far from half through my goal of losing weight. I mentioned this to my skinny friend who's so passionate in joining marathons as long as her schedule allows it. It's hard to juggle being a mom, wife and career woman but she's one heck a super woman. She advised me that if I thought I've done enough and result is still frustrating, try other options. She gave me books and said read more here  as she pointed out lose weight without side effects. My friend knows that I must work on my self control with regards to what I should not be eating. I thought that being in early 40's, I've tasted most of the food that I could possibly taste which my taste bud kept on clinging on the sodium-rich types of food which is not right and healthy. The older I get, the harder it is to lose weight because I know I have lots of options and sometimes there's the thought of it might be too late BUT thank GOD and my family, they motivate me to be healthy especially my son who I love so dearly. I'm just 20lbs over from my ideal weight based on my height and age. Everyday is a dream, everyday is a hope so I know this goal would not just be a dream as long as there's hope in me.

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