March 21, 2012

Organizing closets

As I mentioned on my previous posts that I did some general cleaning in the basement and other parts of the house which todate is on the organizing closets part. I'm done disposing old clothes to goodwill / drop off bins. I need to buy those storage container to placed some other stuff that we wouldn't be using this spring/summer season. One of them is our heated mattress pads which need to be kept neatly. It feels good when I look at the closets that I organized, they are so neat. That heated mattress pad was so helpful to me because of my unconfirmed athritis. Instead of applying too much bengay, the heated mattress pad does the rest of its function. It was a wedding gift to us that we started using 2 years ago but it's still in good condition that's why I wanted to buy a new storage container for it. Winter clothes were already taken out of our closets and placed in a plastic container and brought in the basement. Have you organized your closets by taking out those bulky winter clothes? 

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