March 02, 2012

Part time Job at Burger King

I brought my son to the mall and let him play on the play yard for an hour. I thought I could shop having him played for longer time and will behave while I do some rounds of shopping. Unfortunately, he didn't cooperate and kept on bugging me for yummies. He's like that whenever he gets bored, always want to eat, drink and ask for his toys. There were lots of clearance sale but I can't focus on shopping which kinda upset me because my son was not behaving properly. The usual scenario, I halted my shopping and went home. On our way home, we dropped by at Burger King to have our afternoon snack. The crew there were super nice and provided me will all my needs especially in my situation that I have a toddler in tow that I can't leave him on the table by himself to get things I needed. In short, they anticipate customer needs and initiate to help them out. I thought of encouraging my niece to apply for any Burger King jobs this spring break. I think she only needs to go to their website and fill-up the application form. I hope if she decided to apply and been hired, it would be on that branch with a super nice people.

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