March 02, 2012

People Magazine Free Subscription

I received this free subscription the other day in the mail which persuades me to avail their promo of four or six free copies of People magazine then they will send copies continously and bill me unless I terminate it. I forgot the exact details because I tossed it to the garbage right away. I'm a regular Parents and Better Homes magazines subscriber, which come every month but to tell you honestly I'm way behind in reading them, what more another magazine, a gossip one. My mother in law used to send me her old People mags issues but I declined the last time she offered me. No offense, but for me I rather read stuff that I would benefit. I love reading stories about celebrities but I can get it from the internet and tv shows for free too which I seldom do, but if your home page is Yahoo which oftentimes the headlines are about celebrities, you don't have any choice even you don't read the whole article, by the title you'll be updated.

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