March 05, 2012

Quiz on Medicare

I'm reviewing for my quiz today and it's all about Medicare unfortunately my son has no school today because of Pulaski day so there's no chance to have silence. The strategy is to distract him and provide him with lots of activities/toys and even snack so that I could focus. Anyway, it wouldn't be that hard but it's kinda humiliating when I won't be able to answer some questions because we do check our quiz right away. I hope it wouldn't snow tonight because it's so hard to drop off and pick up my son later from my friend's house if it's snowing. It's hard because I need to carry my son from the parking all the way to my friend's house otherwise if I let my son walk, he wouldn't want to get inside because he wants to play in the snow and it will caused me to get late to school. I hope this day would be over and I look forward for hubby's day off  because we're going downtown.

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