April 13, 2013

Sign of Tough Times

I visited my former retail company coworkers and they have bad news. Though it's  one of the giant retail stores  nationwide, they need to shut down some branches and consolidate them. Most of them will be laid off because there's no room in other branches and it will cost them too much gas to drive there. They are so worried about their insurance, their mortgage and prescription medications. It's nice to hear that three of them found a job in a newly expanded grocery store but it's just part time. It's better than nothing, as what they've said. These people that I became friends with have been working there for almost 10-20 years. That's why nothing is stable here, while you're earning, you need to save so that in tough times like this, you have resources to suffice your needs while you're searching for another job. As I drove back home, I thank GOD again for whatever I have now, hubby's job is kinda ok, my son is healthy, we are not in debt-worry situation. How can I ask for more if there are lots of people who need God's help more than I do. Well, I ask GOD to give these people strength and patience to hold on because things will happen in GOD's time. Then it was a stop sign, I saw this car and thought of taking picture of it. What's my initial reaction when I saw this? Ohmy! is it still safe to drive that car? Another sign of tough times, you will make use of whatever you have to max because life is hard and you don't have resources to buy a new one. As what my co-worker said, it's better than nothing. I agree! May this tough times bring people closer to GOD and renew their faith and learn to live a simple life and not beyond their means.

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