March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

It was a busy weekend for us especially last Saturday where we celebrated St. Patrick's Day at my inlaws residence. Hubby is Irish-American that's why it's part of their family tradition to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the whole family. We went to Gaelic Park in the afternoon and  then dinner with the whole family. It was fun-filled day and my son enjoyed it so much because he had the chance to see and play with his cousins. Then come Sunday, we woke up late due to exhaustion from the previous day and attended the last mass in the morning. Supposedly, my son and I will be attending a baptism party in the afternoon but hubby committed to have lunch with my inlaws with his visiting God mother. We ended up dropping by at the host of the baptism party to notify that I won't be coming. Then, we proceeded to our destination, dropped by at my inlaw's house to fix their computer. It was such a busy/exhausting weekend. This morning, I did a lot of chores, the ones procrastinated added up so it caused me not feel well. Body pain, my legs, my back were aching until now. I wanted to go to bed already but I need to wait for hubby to discuss things with him because he'll be out very early tomorrow. I don't want to wake up very early because my son has no school tomorrow so it's our chance to stay in bed longer. I cleaned the bathroom so there's a lot of squatting position, ohmy! my legs are killing me. I need to go and rest.

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