March 01, 2012

Still working at age 75

I visited my sweetest ex-coworker yesterday and believe it or not she has still that keen memory that needed on her job at age of 75. She's skinny, gray haired and still very pretty especially whenever she smiles. Her four kids are on different states and the closest one was in Indiana who time to time visits her. I asked her if she's been okay for the past year that I haven't seen her and she said yes except for the recurring back pain. She's planning to retire this year and will move to her daughter in Colorado and will finally leave her house/home for 50 years. Her daughter mentioned about stenosis of the spine that might have cause the recurring back/shoulder pain aside from osteoarthritis that she was diagnosed of. They're scouting for clinics that offers a simple/mild procedure that will alleviate her from the pain. I wish her the best of health and if ever she undergo that procedure, I pray that it will be safe and succesful. I love her and her name is Mona. She's been my mother figure on my first years here in USA, she always pay a visit to my cubicle to say hi and to give me something that she baked. Nice people like her will live longer than 75 years.

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