March 08, 2012

Stranger's big smile

I was in the grocery store this afternoon and on the vegetable area, a stranger waved his hand and gave me a big smile. I looked behind but there's no one there and when I look forward he's still smiling at me. I got goosebumps because he looks creepy and instead of picking some broccoli, I moved to a different aisle to avoid him. While I was on the laundry soap aisle, I kept on thinking who's that guy, is he a neighbor of mine, friend of my friend, customer in the pharmacy that I had my externship. I can't remember him and I know it's my first time to see him. I was not scared that he might harm me or he has any other motive, I was just so uncomfortable having someone giving me a big smile and waving his hand to me without knowing him. At first, I thought he might have mistaken me for someone else but I think not. Since I moved away from him, I haven't seen him there anymore, maybe he's done with his shopping. On my way back home, while driving, I still kept on thinking whos' that guy. Anyway, smiling and asking how you doing to a stranger is something that I have come to embrace when I moved here in USA. I don't know how my face reacted when he smiled and waved at me, shocked or I smiled too. There's a saying that a smile is a way of writing your thoughts on your face, telling others that they are accepted, liked, thanked and appreciated. So, here's my BIG SMILE, thanking all of you for being with me on this site.

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