March 22, 2012

Swimming lesson

I can't wait for the opening of our city's swimming center because I'm planning to enroll my son to their swimming program. I know that I need to make plans now for our summer escapade, a practical and worthy to spend with. Our city's swimming center has a special water play equipment that suited for toddlers. They also have 160-foot water slide and you can play volleyball on their sand court. The only concern of mine is their fence pool in the toddler area, it needs to be replaced because it seems not that safe. I'm concern with the safety of my son because he's so active and without a secure and safe fence, it would be a risk of harm. Anyway, I thought of bringing this concern to the management to resolve it the soonest. I can imagine the smile in my son's face when I bring him there and would invite some of his friends too.

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