March 26, 2012

Technical support via video conference

I miss my former IT staff in the Philippines, they are the best. I used to be the head of IT Department in a retail company. Training and technical support were the top duties of our department. As what I've mentioned yesterday that I'm scheduled to troubleshoot my inlaws' virus infected computer today which is still ongoing right now. I brought it home so I have all possible resources to solve the problem. It's difficult because there are lots of problems to fix and one of them is the black screen virus. Can you imagine troubleshooting a computer that turns to black screen every minute? It's so hard, I even posted it to my facebook status hoping that someone has encountered the same problem and could provide me the quickest and simplest solution. I thought of my smart IT staff and hoped that I could speak with them via video conferencing services, as what we're used to do whenever they're out of town and I'm in the head office. Each branches of our company nationwide has the system capable of doing video conference which help us to lessen airfare/hotel/meal/transportation and other expenses related. We don't need to send somebody to troubleshoot / do some training to our store staff unless it's a critical case and concerns a lot of people in terms of training. We just have it via video conference, it's cool, it's fast and convenient.

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