March 04, 2012

Weird and Bad Dream

Last night, my son woke up crying and I knew right away that he had a bad dream. It took a while before he went to sleep again, he laid down on top of me and he embraced me so tightly. I kept on saying to him, 'things will be ok, mommy is here' while I stroke his hair and rubbed his back. Then, he fell asleep on top of me and it took me a long time to move him to bed because I don't want him to wake up and cry again. What a coincidence, I had a dream too and it was weird and bad that made me woke up catching my breath and crying. As far as I can remember, I was a factory worker in China and  I was working for more than 12 hours already without a break so I got up and talked to my boss that I needed to drink and eat because I'm not feeling well. I was shocked when he replied 'Eat Sh$t!'. I remember that I was crying so hard going back to my area and somebody consoled me but I don't remember who's that person. I remember saying that 'I've been so loyal to the company and I was the only stayed amongst my batch because they can't stand the characted of my boss and then I was treated so unjust and has not given me respect. It hurted me so much. Then, on my way back home, I collapsed and sent to the hospital and when I woke up, I saw my boss there and asking sorry for what he said but I was yelling, screaming and crying in response to his apology and there I woke up crying and catching my breath. It's weird that I was working in China and bad that I was treated unfairly that caused me to feel so bad. Thank GOD, it was just a dream.

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