March 01, 2012

What a small world

We were dining at our favorite Mexican restaurant when I bumped into someone that I've known during my gradeschool days. My gosh, what a small world! that's our expression upon seeing each other. We're of the same age but she's so younger looking and has a slender figure. The usual hi and how's life been since the last time we saw each other were the initial topics of conversation. She and her family are attending a family reunion here in our state because she's based in Texas. Without any hesitation I asked her how she managed to have that kind of slender figure after giving birth to three kids and she told me that it was a journey. She showed me her picture 5 years ago and she's bigger than me. She tried all kinds of diet that she heard over the internet/book and video but she's on the part of those people that are so difficult to lose weight. With her husband support, they find people that could help her to have a quick weight loss austin. She persuaded me to try it because their weight loss program is medically supervised, doctor is there to check your progress in order to meet your goals. She did lose weight and able to maintain it, like me her motivation to do that is to live longer for her children.

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