March 17, 2012

What's the cure for eczema?

Are you kidding me?, it's almost 80 degrees outside and it's just March. Last year, we're still digging some snow and usually I put out our sleeveless/shortsleeve from storage last week of April. Are we skipping Spring? and go straight to Summer. I love it! I just realized again how good is GOD to us, giving us good weather so we can more enjoy our life by not having limited activities compared if its Winter. Lots of vacations, family bonding and opportunity to make income. This morning as I was parking my car, my neighbor waved at me and invited me to come over to her house. I spoke with her while she's doing her gardening chore, she asked me what's the cure for eczema because she knows that I studied PharmTech and worked in a pharmacy for my externship. She asked me if there's over the counter medication for eczema and if I heard about seaweed as an effective ingredient to cure eczema. I told her that there's no cure for eczema as far as I know and these medications are just there to reduce inflamation, relieve itching and prevent flaking/scaling. There are lots of medications out there in the pharmacy and I suggested to her that let her daughter browse the internet and search for some forums or testimonials regarding what prevented and help these people who have eczema to feel better.

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