March 28, 2012

Windows 7 Black screen virus

I thought of making a post about this virus which I troubleshoot for almost two days. It's good to share what I have done that worked for my inlaws' computer so that those people experiencing the stress of determining what to do, they could consider this. I started troubleshooting the infected computer on my inlaws' house but it's very difficult because literally every minute, the screen goes black. The moment that I was able to type-in what I'm trying to google, black screen again until it will go back for more than 15 minutes or more. It's a pain! I decided to bring it home plus my son kept on bugging me because nobody is distracting him or playing with him while I was so busy fixing the computer. The first thing I did upon reaching home was googling how to remove black screen virus. I found some easy, complicated, silly solutions and I stick with the simplest ones first. I found from Microsoft forum about that tools from other site to be downloaded and it will fix the problem. It didn't worked for me. I went to regedit process but it didn't removed the black screen until I decided to go on Youtube and browse for black screen virus and I found an interesting one. He said that he took a clean copy of explore.exe from another computer and overwrite the one in the infected computer. Pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del, Task Manager, then create New Task, type in explore.exe and make sure you already overwrite the old one. Viola! no more black screen. But, I got all programs from desktop, start menu and taskbar to be all links and not executable programs. So, I googled again and found a reply from a thread that she just created a new user account and transfer/copy the account of the original user. I followed it, now it's back. I just need to remove all those Scareware and Crapware that my inlaws' downloaded for free. As of now, I'm having difficulty uninstalling CA Total Defense Security. I'm currently working on it. Goodluck to those who will find this post and I hope it will work on you because it's a success to me. (Sharing with you photos of the infected and my pc.)

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That sound new for me, never had such encounter yet but luckily I know now how to deal with it. Thanks!

What's the virus that cause that black screen? The Scareware and Crapware?