March 03, 2012

Yamaha Microphone for sale

I was driving around the nearby village and noticed the Garage Sale. The word 'sale' has always an impact on me, it always rings a bell. I searched for the house with the garage sale and I was kinda hesitant to stop by so I drove around for a couple of minutes until I saw some people browsing the sale stuff so I parked my car and joined them. I found yamaha microphones and thought of my mom's need for a new microphone for our sound system in the Philippines. I secured them right away and look around for more treasures. I found some kitchen stuff and cute wall frames. I was looking for fishing stuff that hubby might need but since I was just pretending knowing about it, I changed my mind because he might not use it and will be a waste. How I wish that my son would have full interest in singing because if that happens, he will be the first singer on my hubby's side but for side, especially my mom's side, most of them can sing and good singers.

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